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Our Services

My name is Jessica Davis. I live in Asheville NC and am a recent graduate from UNC Asheville where I studied Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Along my journey in school, I have been able to grow my understanding of growing a business.

As a businesswoman, I have gotten to work with a lot of photographers, small businesses, and local artists. Throughout my time working with them, there has been this common struggle that many business owners face. How to be seen, get noticed, grow a following on social media, and grow their business on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, and more. 

In today's society, media, e-commerce, SEO, social and digital marketing are major ways people can grow their businesses. The issue is the market, media, and analytics often change rapidly and business owners struggle to keep up with the latest trends and outreach. That is where I come in as a social marketer and manager. My job is to take the burden and stress of social marketing, e-commerce, and analytics off of you and help you grow your business online.

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